Enjoy rapid, yet lasting relief from anxiety, stress, trauma & panic attacks

(In-Person & Online Hypnotherapy Sessions
& self-directed therapy bundles available)


Simply, I can help you relieve anxiety, stress and panic attacks, and take back control of your life with Hypnotherapy. We offer a wide variety of tailored therapeutic resources as well as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions that deal with the root cause of the issue.

My therapy courses will quickly reduce anxiety symptoms & panic attacks effectively while teaching you how to control your emotions & feelings long term. Recover and build a healthy mindset for your future today.

Your first consultation is completely FREE – where you’ll get to speak to Liberty during your 1 hour appointment to figure out if Hypnotherapy will work for you too & start to build a plan of action. 

The good news is that it’s a short-term investment of your energy, time, & resources but the results hold longevity well into the future; for many people the results of receiving Hypnotherapy last a lifetime!

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38% Recovery after 600 sessions

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CBT Therapy

72% Recovery after 22 Sessions

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93% Recovery after 6 sessions

Free Consultation

Your free consultation is an opportunity for you to have a no commitments taster of the therapy to see if we are a good match for your therapeutic alliance.

Weekly sessions

Each week, your sessions are tailored to suit your needs and intentions. Sessions are held at the same time each week using a mixture of talk-based therapy & trance.

Health & Happiness

After completing your course of treatment, you can expect to experience a restored quality of life, leading a more enriched and fulfilling lifestyle. You can create lasting change today.

Categories of wellbeing:

What Hypnotherapy can heal

Self Love

General Wellbeing 
Self esteem
Self care
Self awareness
Prioritising yourself
Trusting yourself
Boundary setting
Rebuilding Confidence

Self image

Disordered eating patterns
Goal setting
Personal development Intrusive thoughts
Negative self-talk

Specific Wellbeing

PTSD (Specific / complex)
Anxiety Disorders (specific / complex)
Panic Disorders (specific / complex)
Anger management
Depression (mild - manic)
Overcoming Fear & Phobias

Physical Manifestations

Headaches & Migraines
Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
Fatigue (mild - chronic)
Pain management

Lifestyle adjustments

Communication & relationships
Self-limiting behaviour
Quitting Smoking

Binge Eating
Addiction (caffeine / cigarettes / class A, B, C drugs)


Overcoming intimacy issues
Public Speaking
Competition prep
Sporting mindset
Exam nerves(s)

Interested in Clinical Hypnotherapy?
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"Hypnotherapy has been such a profound recalibration of my thoughts and feelings, I can now see the world through a positive lens and feel ten times lighter in myself. I never thought I could get past my anxiety, but sessions with Liberty have been so uplifting, it’s impossible not to come away from each session without feeling that weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I am so glad I discovered this form of therapy, it’s really changed my life. If you want to shake off your anxiety, then I highly recommend!"
Past Client

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

A short-term goal-focused evidence-based therapeutic approach, which incorporates positive psychology principles and practices, and which helps clients change by constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems. Hypnotherapy is a style of psychotherapy that involves a mixture of talk-based conversation as well as the holistic application of hypnotic states. We build on your strengths throughout weekly sessions to create rapid and transformative long term change & a more evolved outlook on your life.

How does Hypnosis work?

Clinical hypnotherapy reframes your mindset through inspiring conversation as well as allowing us to access your subconscious mind to reframe and release your automatic stress responses, replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, to reduce anxiety and stress instantaneously. Through hypnosis, you can begin to gain greater control over your response to triggers and stressful situations and empower the mind to be a better friend.

Will it really work for me?

Hypnosis is now recognised by many mainstream medical professionals as a natural and successful treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression, OCD, confidence and many more. It can often get greater results in less time and for less costs. Today there are 100's of peer reviewed scientific research papers showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for the treatment of various issues. At Myriad Minds I have a very high success rate using hypnosis to provide long term relief for clients.

Liberty Paterson

Leading Anxiety & Mental Health Hypnotherapy Expert

Liberty is a highly sought after Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in helping people to break free from out of control anxiety, stress and many other mental health issues using the latest clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

Liberty has helped hundreds of clients from all over the UK to overcome anxiety, stress, trauma, OCD, phobias and sleep issues.

Liberty is an integrative hypnotherapist using a wide range of solutions focused therapeutic techniques to achieve fast and long-lasting relief from anxiety, whilst giving your proven tools to manage and control your thoughts and emotions whenever you may need in the future. Liberty prides herself on adapting the work appropriately to you to enable maximum benefit and unlock your future potential.

Using these cutting edge techniques Liberty’s personalised Hypnotherapy programmes not only relieves the symptoms of anxiety, stress and more, but also eliminates the underlying triggers and root causes so you can enjoy long term health and happiness.

Liberty’s gentle and caring nature, extensive knowledge, professional experience, and true commitment to the happiness and health of her clients has allowed her to achieve an incredible 98%* success rate when treating client’s anxiety, panic attacks and stress.

(*Past results do not guarantee future results.)

Awarding Bodies

“I discovered the transformative impact of Hypnotherapy first hand after successfully overcoming CPTSD, agoraphobia, and a debilitating needle phobia. I was so inspired that I dedicate my career to becoming a therapist. It is still and will always be the most rewarding and healing decision I’ve ever made for myself and everyone around me. It is an absolute honour to be of service to other people in need by paying it forward – Liberty”

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Imagine enjoying a deep sense of calm and peace in your day to day life. Springing out of bed each morning feeling energised and positive after a deep, rejuvenating and worry-free sleep. Being completely confident and relaxed in social situations and beginning to feel hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety and negative self talk.

This is the life you can and deserve to live, with the help of the resources and programs we have available at our clinic you can start to transform your life within days.

Hypnotherapy will help you to:

  • Relieve tension and enjoy a calmer more relaxed mind
    and body in all situations
  • Enjoy a deeper, more peaceful and rejuvenating night’s sleep
  • Have more clarity and focus in daily activities
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress
  • Be more confident, energised and positive in social and
    professional situations
  • Improve relationships and enjoy deeper more harmonious
    human connections
  • Stop cycles of negative thoughts, fear and worry from
    clouding your mind
    and stealing your energy
  • Help you better deal with stressful or difficult situations
  • Make more positive choices again

Evaluate, Elevate, Evolve.

Ash WhiteAsh White
11:00 03 Jun 23
Liberty was recommended to me by a friend after I read his review online. I served 24 years in the military and have moderate anxiety and anger. It took a while to take the plunge and seek professional help, but I’m so glad I found her. It’s difficult for men to talk about their feelings and mental health but this needs to change.Liberty is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and softly spoken.I had a mixture of 12 online and in person therapy sessions, which worked perfectly with my home and work balance.The sleep trance music she provided is also brilliant and really calms and helps you sleep.Liberty gives you all her time and energy during and after the sessions with continued after support.Don’t hesitate to contact her and take that step to helping yourself 🙂
Hayley DawsonHayley Dawson
11:52 31 Mar 23
I came to a point where I was struggling so much with my mental health I thought I was permanently broken. Myriad minds offered a real focused solution to putting me back on the right path to wellness. It has provided me with a language to better understand what’s happening in my brain and how to communicate that to others. I feel like I’m getting to know myself again and it’s wonderful.On top of that - after a decade of being a smoker it’s now been 10 months since I quit with the help of hypnotherapy from myriad minds! Absolute game changer! I’m a singer so I felt an extraordinary difference in my life after quitting and couldn’t have done it alone.If you’re looking for answers- myriad minds is the way to go. Hypnotherapy has helped me in so many ways, thank you so much Myriad Minds.
Samantha CarrSamantha Carr
09:11 27 Jan 23
Liberty is a professional from the outset. She is gentle but persistent. The therapy is a commitment to yourself and your future.I feel so grateful that I found her website and committed to the sessions. I feel like a different person, stronger more resilient and so much more willing to step outside of my comfort zone.Thank you!
Yasmin KhanYasmin Khan
11:48 07 Jan 23
Liberty has been really helpful with my anxiety problem, she’s also helped me relax to a way deeper level in myself…with the sleep trance and her unique voice in it-A very warm hypnotherapist, who really understands struggles and has helped me to validate my feelings - would highly recommend……. Xxx
Sara McManusSara McManus
12:32 10 Aug 22
Liberty has changed my life. I have suffered with anxiety for over a decade. Have spent time in counselling and tried other methods a to help myself. Hypnotherapy has lifted the heaviness from my head and stopped my thoughts racing at a thousand mile an hour. It has been the best thing I have done for myself and a huge thank you to Liberty for helping me feel more like me again!
Karen OldrieveKaren Oldrieve
18:03 03 Aug 22
I am a big believer in fate, and had been struggling with anxiety during menopause when I searched for some help and came across Liberty and her practice.I can honestly say that this treatment has been a revelation, and has opened my mind to alternative thoughts and narratives, which has helped me overcome alot of negativity, anxiety and poor confidence in myself.The trance has trained me to completely switch off and take time just for me, relaxes you completely, and enhances sleep patterns. The sessions with Liberty take you on a beautiful journey to a fantastic quiet place where you reconnect with your inner soul, and reset and rebuild your mind.I would thoroughly recommend this very kind and intuitive soul, who I am most grateful to have met, and can’t thank her enough for helping to mend me 💗
Kiri OKiri O
17:47 13 Jul 22
Liberty has changed my life! I came for help with my anxiety and get myself more confident, stronger and back to my old self but a better version!I was able to open up to Liberty easily and felt very welcome and completely at ease. My hypnotherapy has actually helped me with other things to like comfort eating. I’m sad to say goodbye but extremely grateful to Liberty and her help. I would highly recommend her.
Interested in Clinical Hypnotherapy?
Request a free consultation today to find out more

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